Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kate spent her college years studying in New York at Parsons School of Design. It was there that her career began as she worked alongside various luxury fashion and jewelry designers, learning every corner of the industry. In the spring of 2021, Kate decided it was time to bring her visions to life and launch her eponymous brand.

Kate’s style is inspired by her love of 60’s/70’s fashion, textiles and motifs, as well as modern architecture, and abstract art. These elements combine to make jewelry that anyone can wear to unleash their inner rockstar. 

Discover. Experiment. Express. Empower. Play. Step into your highest self and choose your colors.


Each piece is thoughtfully and carefully constructed using sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. Kate Ross uses ethically sourced gemstones, each which are hand chosen and cut, in combination with recycled metals to create unique, eco-conscious, and environmentally supportive wearable art. Through meticulous production and design, the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and functionality make for pieces that are both aspirational and accessible.