Kate Ross

 a kaleidoscope of your inner kingdom 

Who is Kate Ross?

Hi, I’m Kate

I’m a Los Angeles-based, fashion-enamored jewelry artist. I’ve always been obsessed with revealing and discovering my inner self through the way I dress and decorate my body.

And now I invite you to do the same.

When I put on my jewelry, I feel unstoppable. It gives me my superpowers. My greatest hope is that the pieces I’ve dreamt up bring out your superpowers too.

The Jewelry You’ve Been Looking For

It can be hard to find eccentric and extraordinary jewels in a world of simple. But what if you don’t fit into that mold? What if you’re uninhibited, unafraid, and unlike anyone else?

Olivia Rodrigo said it best… 

“I want it to be like, messy” 

My jewelry is all about unlocking your deepest fantasies. Taking risks, being uncomfortable, and jumping into the abyss head first. Daring you to embrace your innermost self.

Jewelry That Makes You Feel Like You 

No two people in this galaxy are the same - everyone has their own story. And I believe in using jewelry to tell that story.

I’ve created one-of-a-kind jewelry that acts as a portal for you to express and explore yourself. Find a piece that unleashes your personality and let it illuminate the parts of your spirit that haven’t even been brought to the surface yet.

The physical, tangible expression of yourself you’ve never had. 

Creating Kate Ross: A Dream Come True

My journey towards creating Kate Ross started when I was just 5 years old. 

I still remember sitting in my mom’s office after school, making custom pieces for everyone there to pass the time. I loved getting to play with and create my own jewelry, but it was the way it lit my soul on fire that kept me going for all these years. 

There’s no way to describe the feeling I got when I would see each person’s face light up as I gifted them their own personalized creation. It was those gleeful smiles and heartfelt “thank yous” that launched me on my journey to where I am today. 

I got my first job in jewelry at 15. I made it my mission to learn every corner of the industry as I knew one day I would be creating a brand of my own. A few years later I followed my dreams all the way to New York to attend Parsons School of Design. When I wasn’t in class I worked with, learned from, and studied under dreamy designers, creators, artists, and business owners. While I felt so fortunate to help them live out their creative fantasies, the call to bring my own vision to life grew louder and louder. The same inner knowing that started brewing at just five years old.  

In 2021 I launched my brand, Kate Ross, and I stepped into myself. Before doing so, I felt like I was always searching for something I couldn’t find – jewelry that really felt like me but didn’t quite exist. 

So I decided to make it – because it obviously wasn’t going to make itself. 

My signature collection consists of checkered rings, earrings, and necklaces featuring hypnotizing gemstones in every color. With creations ranging from peridot + black onyx, pink sapphire + ruby, emerald + orange sapphire, and everything in between. 

Environmentally Supportive, Wearable Art

Each piece is thoughtfully and carefully constructed using sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. I use ethically sourced gemstones, each of which is hand chosen and cut, in combination with recycled metals to create unique and eco-conscious pieces. Through meticulous production and design, my brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and functionality makes for pieces that are both aspirational and accessible.